Class of Tuvie Balshem’s sister, Sheyne Balshem

A copy of this photo has been given to the author in 2008 by Tuvie Balshem z’l’, who passed away in 2011. Tuvie was one of the redactors of the Sefer Telz The child he has indicated with the white arrow is his sister Sheyne Balshem. She has been killed during the holocaust.
In the middle, between Professor Abba Manchovski and the second man with the glasses, Reyzel Berkman has identified the young woman as Guitele Liberman. We know about a Gite Libermanaite from a document soon to come (BKAVA1382-175) delivered on June 24, 1934. Hopefully, this document may bear a photograph. From the same witness, we know that Guitele escaped from the ghetto of the girls and was caught. Another witness thought that this young teacher was Reyzele Yoffe (Liberman might have been her maiden name).

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