The Republic Of Lithuania

The Ministry of Education

Telšiai Elementary School No. 2


This note states that Abelsonaitė Feigė, Jankelis daughter, of Jewish religion , born in 1923 in Telšiai, entered the elementary school on the 1st of September in 1929 and studied here till the 18th of May, 1933 and completed the four year course of the elementary school.

The subject evaluation:

Religion 5 (very well)

Hebrew 5( very well)

Lithuanian 5( very well)

Calculation 5 (very well)

Knowledge of the country 5 (very well)

Geography and history of Lithuania 5(very well)

Natural history and hygiene 5 (very well)

In addition to that, Abelsonaitė Feigė studied handcrafts, graphics, physical education, games and songs.
The committee, in accordance with works and exams of the school year, decided to give to Abelsonaitė Feigė this certificate and admit that she completed the four year course of the elementary school.

Telšiai, the 18th of May 1933
Signature of the chairman of the committee
Signature of the Principle
Signature of the member of the committee

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