Collection Rosa Rozenbaumas

The faces of the children on each photograph are ordered from the top row, and from left to right

How fragile are the traces of the past ?

La fragilité des traces du passé



Cette photographie des archives familiales que ma mère a conservée pendant la guerre n’était pas datée non plus. Il s’agit d’une photo que Rosa Portnoi savait avoir été prise au gymasium Yavne où elle a dû entrer en septembre 1933, l’année où son directeur le Dr. Rafael Holtsberg-Etsyon a quitté la Lituanie pour la Palestine. Au centre le Professeur Hinde Rabinovitch (Rabinowitz?) qui apparaît sur de nombreuses photographies de classe et était elle même diplômée du gymnasium Yavne (document BKAVA1382-212 : Rabinovičiūtė Hinda le 22 juin 1926).

This photograph from the family archives was saved by the author’s mother through the war and was not dated either. Rosa Portnoi remembered it has been taken in the Gymnasium Yavne where she has entered in fall 1933, the very year its director Dr. Rafael Holtsberg-Etsyon left Lithuania for Palestine. In the center, the Professor Hinda Rabinowitz who appears on a number of photographs and was herself a graduate from the gymnasium Yavne (document BKAVA1382-212 : Rabinovičiūtė Hinda in June 22, 1926).

On this picture beginning from bottom left :
1st raw
1) Rosa Portnoi (1921, Telz-2013, Paris), mother of the author.
2) Blumke Vareyes, daughter of a cousin of Merè-Hayè Meyerowitz ( married with Isaac Rozenbaumas), grand-mother of author.
3) Lererke (teacher) Hinda Rabinovitz former student of Yavne Gymnasium whose diploma was delivered in 1926

2nd raw
1) Hassie Bloch identified by several of our surviving students including her cousins.
2)Recognized by Reyzele Berkman as Polivnik, she could be Sara-Miriam Polivnik as her photograph on the document resembles very much to the young girl on the class photograph.

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