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» BKAVA1382-126Hurvičiūte Susana – Horovitz Shoshana

Hurvičiūte Susana – Horovitz Shoshana (or Hurvitz) Shoshana, born Februar 1st, 1912, she entered the Yavne Gymnasium for girls in 1920 and graduated in May 1928 with the best grades in all the subject matters.
We don’t know yet if she survived the extermination of the Jews from Telz/Telsiai (between end of June 1941 – the men – and December 1941 – the young girls and women).
Thanks to Kazimieras Inčirauskas her diploma is now translated from Lithuanian. Reading it, one can understand how much years, months, days are crucial. These precision, as minuscule and thin are the details, are like the thread of life. The names of the teachers are still missing until the author will be able to read all of them, in Lithuanian or Hebrew. Thanks to France Hilbert, this portrait was integrated to the website.

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