This photograph has been published in the Sefer Telz, p.126. It has been taken before 1933. The caption in Sefer Telz says: Meeting of Gymnasium Yavne with the students of the great classes, with Principal Trachtenberg and Professor Hinda Rabinovitch (Rabinowitz?) – among other teachers. The director Dr. Rafael Holtsberg-Etsyon left Lithuania for Palestine in 1933.
On the first raw, sitting from the right: 3rd from right: Hinda Rabinovitch (Rabinowitz?)
5th from left: Dr. Rafael Holtsberg-Etsyon
1st from left:Hurvičiūte Susana – Hurvitz Shoshana (Horovitz ?)
Second raw: 2nd from left, Meyshke Polivnik, secretary of Gymnasium Yavne (rec. by Sarah Sonia Toor)
In the middle, 7th from left: Kravičiūtè Rochel – Rokhl Kravitz (rec. by Reb. Khayele Bloch Ausband and Sarah Sonia Toor)
3rd raw 1st from right: Professor Sapojnikov (rec. by Reyzl Berkman and others)
2nd from left: Se(i)fer who can be seen also on the left of the previous photograph of the Second promotion of the teachers seminary,1931

Réunion du lycée Yavne avec les élèves des classes supérieures, avec le principal Trachtenberg, Hindele Rabinovitch et d’autres enseignantes, avant 1933.

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