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Myriam Kravitski- Kravickytė Mirijama

Myriam Kravitski- Kravickytė Mirijama

On this class photograph, and this earlier class photograph, rebbetsin Haye (Bloch) Ausband identified this girl as the sister of Sheftel Yankelevitz whose name is on the list of Telsiai names of the International Tracing Service Collection of the USHMM, following the one of Mina. The identification was plausible as her name also figures on several lists of the class for the year 1935-1936 (yet to be published on this page attended by the mother of the author, this same year.

Her signature on the document of the Museum Alka on the 1933 visit also seemed to corroborate this identification.

But in April 2012, Rosa Ziv (Rosa Zifaite, file 1382-442, still to come) has firmly recognized Myriam Kravitski, the daughter of Ephraim Kravitski, the Lukniker rabbi (the rabbi of Luknik). As the name of Mirijama Kravickyte was also delivered a diploma (file 1382-168) on June 15th, 1940, we may identify her for sure on the photograph of this document. Myriam was also identified by Sonia Toor (Sarah Yosolovitz), as Miriam used to live upstairs of her appartment.

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