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Bat Kama At is also a humanistic project to help people cross boundaries in contexts of conflicting memories.
There are things that have to be done at the political level, and other things that have to be done at a cultural,
social, artistic, human level. The place of Bat Kama at is precisely there. It is not politically innocent, but it plays on other aspects of consciousness.
What it needs is a dynamic of people, experts, institutions ready to support the goals of a project striving at the level of people’s awareness, acting
on the profound thoughts and the imaginary of young people, not through fantasy but through knowledge. The author’ endeavor is to shape a methodology based on historical truth and knowledge and on a humanistic philosophy to work in contexts of conflicting memories, and these contexts are everywhere all over the word.

Feed backs are very welcome to help the dynamics of the project !

Ce projet est au départ l’oeuvre d’une personne et a maintenant besoin de votre soutien. Visitez le site et réagissez !
Si vous le trouvez à votre goût, mettez un lien sur vos sites, et partagez le sur vos réseaux sociaux.

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