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I am grateful for this translation to Dr Lara Lempert, and her share in the Yavne Gymnasium in Telz: A Living Archive – A Commutual Archive project

About Sara-Miriam Polivnik- Polivnikaitè Sara-Mirjam, see also the class photograph where she was identified by her school friend Reyzele Berkman

Polivnikaitè Sara-Mirjam

Polivnikaitè Sara-Mirjam


Polivnikaitė Sara-Mirjam

Polivnikaitė Sara-Mirjam







2nd copy

Republic of Lithuania Ministry of Education

Telshiai Jewish Private Hebrew Gymnasium for Girls Yavne Certificate

This is to confirm, that Polivnikaite Sara-Miryam, of Judaic confession, who was born in Telshiai 22 November 1922, began her studies in the second grade of Telshiai Jewish Private Hebrew Gymnasium for Girls Yavne on the 21st of August 1933 and showed an excellent behavior. In the 1936/1937 she finished her fifth grade and entered the sixth, from which she graduated on the 15th of September 1937. The results of her studies in the 5 grades of the Gymnasium, including the Latin language, are as follows:

Religion 5 (excellent)

Bible 4 (good)

Lithuanian language 3 (acceptable)

Hebrew language 4 (good)

German language 4 (good)

Latin language 4 (good)

History 4 (good)

Nature studies 3 (acceptable)

Geography 3 (acceptable)

Algebra 4 (good)

Geometry 3 (acceptable)

Geography 3 (acceptable)

Sport 3 (acceptable)

Painting 4 (good)

Based on that data, as well as on part 4 paragraph 6 of the High Schools Statute (State Information Bulletin, No 541, line 3759), and part 7 paragraph 2 of the Legislation on Reforming High Schools and Colleges (State Information Bulletin, No 543, line 3794), the Teachers’ Council of Telshiai Jewish Private Hebrew Gymnasium for Girls Yavne asserts that Polivnikaite Sara-Miryam completed the course of 5 grades of the private gymnasium, including the Latin language, and issue this certificate.

This certificate doesn’t entitle to the same rights as the certificate of the 5 grades of the State High Gymnasium. Telshiai, 9 May 1938 No 12

Director of the Gymnasium /signature/

Members of the Teachers’ Council /signatures/

The teacher secretary of the Council /signature/

On the photo – the stamp of the Gymnasium

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