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June 6th, 2012

Kornelija Ulskytė:
a short documentary project

Summary of a short movie about the work of the students of Vincento Borisevicius gimnasija for Bat Kama At project. (about 10 minutes).
By Kornelija Ulskyte

A few students of Vincento Boriseviciaus gymnasium in Telsiai (Telz) are on a hiking trip for a few hours, walking around the old places where Jews used to live before the Nazi occupation. They are taking pictures for the project. They try to capture the traces, the signs of the Jews that these places still bear.
They are all chatting about the project of Bat Kama At (in Lithuanian), discussing about what they have learned about the Jewish history in Telsiai, specially the education.
There are short views of students taking pictures, working on different aspects of the project for Bat Kama At.
Also, students are asked questions about the history of the ews in their hometown and Bat Kama At (answers translated to English in subtitles).
The music is rather cheerful and modern, the students are wondering where working for the project will lead them.
The point of this short movie for young students is to show that working to save history for future generations is an inspiring experience that may also talk to other people our age.

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