Pedagogy Year by Year, 1924-1940

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July 15th, 2015

Pedagogy Year by Year, 1924-1940

On this page will be published the year by year 53 folders of pedagogical documents contained in the file 1382 of the LIETUVOS CENTRINIS ARCHYVAS in Vilnius. Althought the school was created and has functioned from 1920, the first documents that we have in this file is from 1924.

How To Give Life To Archives?

An archive is a dead object unless an archivist, a historian, an artist, a passionate curious scrutinizes them and establishes relationships, links, recognizes a design, a pattern, an intention, an intelligence. Many pair of eyes multiply the viewpoints, understanding from different perspectives and creating a more complex vision, a many voices narrative that is more compelling because it is a multi-faceted reception of a collective history?

I would like to present a new project on a collaborative model not only to explore the archives, but also to ensure that the history they represent will be durable and visible in the future. The most difficult is not to create one event, but create a base for a permanent presence of Jewish history in the life of the city and of the educational and other institutions as archives and museums.

The Archives of Gymnasium Yavne in Telz. 

A Living Archive-A Commutual Archive

This segment of the project has been inspired by a model created by Matt Broach, under the name of The Commutual Library, please check his website. As Matt’s project is an exploration at the crossroad of science and art, this new page of Bat Kama At aims to explore the borders of history and art.

The very first steps consist in displaying as much as English translation of the pedagogical documents to reach a broader audience. As a number of archivists, librarians, teachers, students, artists, journalists, will be associated with the project, commutual work and understanding of the documents will lead to various forms of representation.

We are now at work with the Director of the Telsiai Archives, Alma Jankauskienė and with Monika Jankauskaite to provide English translation of some of the documents.

Alma Jankauskienė, Director of Telsiai Archives

Alma Jankauskienė, Director of Telsiai Archives






Monika Jankauskaite, daughter of Alma



A number of (ex)-students of Gimnasije Vincento Borisevicius are participating.

Among them the amazing Kornelija Ulskyte, studying now Music Industry Management at the British and Irish Institute of Modern Music.

Kornelija Ulskyte

Kornelija Ulskyte



Kornelija Ulskyte in her class of Vincento Boriseviciaus in 2012, with Gabriele, Bernadetta and me.

Kornelija Ulskyte in her class of Vincento Boriseviciaus in 2012, with Gabriele, Bernadetta and me.

Soon on this page more about the partners and co-workers of the project. Keep posted.




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