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Visitors of Bat Kama At discover names of members of their family

First time today a visitor has discovered on the page “500 names, 500 noms” the name of his relative:
“Thank you for working on this remarkable project. The Guta-Mera Broide listed above, is my great-Aunt Miriam who came to the United States with most of her siblings before the war.”
And was able to discover a school document relating to the Jewish education of his grand-Aunt in the Gymnasium Yavne in Telz/Telsiai, in Lithuania, on the page School was Life
1st page of document BKAVA1382-68a

2nd page of document BKAVA1382-68b

Guta-Mera’s diploma was delivered in 1928. As we can see, she has studied Hebrew, Lithuanian, German and English, as well as a propedeutics class to Philosophy.
We know from the catalogue to these documents that the level in Languages and Science was reinforced in this hight school, and that in 1931 Latin has replaced English.

Paraphes des enfants

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December 3rd, 2011


Paraphes des enfants

Ensemble, les filles et les garçons des écoles Yavné de Telz rendaient visite le 27 octobre 1933 au musée régional de Samogite récemment créé dans leur ville.

Ce document qui porte les paraphes des enfants et des enseignants présents ce jour-là nous a été transmis par les Archives du Museum Alka et nous apporte d’innombrables informations:

Paraphes des élèves et des enseignants des écoles Yavne de Telsiai en septembre 1933 au Musée Alka, musée régional de la Zemaité.

Signature of pupils of the Yavne elementary schools at the Samogitian Museum “Alka”. September 27, 1932